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Social Media Promotion

Boosting the image of your brand!

Utilize social media to gain more followers, visibility, and customers! We are a leading social media advertising agency. On all major social media platforms, we know how to boost content’s virality, engagement, spend optimization, and lead generation via improved audience targeting.

More Followers Equals To More Engagement

Followers are people only. So if we treat them right it will increase our engagement with more potential clients.

Better Presence & A Strong Brand Image

All about consistent and recognizable company expressions; To offer not only products and services but also meaning.

Social Media Management - opmac

At OpMac, we work with both new and existing companies to enhance their online presence, grow their organic following, and enhance their brand perception. When you produce high-quality content, follow a specific social media plan, stick to your brand’s requirements, and conduct testing that may help you determine which method is most effective for you, social media management can help your business develop immensely. In today’s world, content is king, and the more amusement and value you can provide people, the faster your business will expand.

Social advertising is an effective technique since it has greater reach and engagement than Display and cheaper CPCs than Search. If properly implemented, an advertising plan incorporating Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. might provide favorable outcomes.

OpMac's improved social advertising:

To achieve higher results, we combine the newest ad formats with analytics data, remarketing technologies, and tried-and-true social media marketing tactics. We emphasise:

  • Increasing leads and sales through a focused social media marketing approach

  • Targeting people based on their behaviour and interests to optimise spending

  • Targeting connections

  • Reach expansion utilizing comparable audience targeting

  • Remarketing

Our Social Media Services

Facebook Ads

Facebook business page optimized & managed for brand awareness.

Instagram Ads

Instagram business page optimized & managed for brand awareness.

YouTube Ads

Preparing astonishing thumbnails & strategic video planning & promotion for brand awareness.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn business page optimized & managed for your company profile to stand among other companies.

Get SMM services starting from Rs.1999/- only.

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